Hoteliers, in the management of profits and maximization of revenue, in order to build a flow of customers both offline but above all online can not underestimate the potential made available by the search engines.
The latter, through algorithms, allow the site to emerge of accommodation facilities through three different modalities:

  • organic results, who do not need any payment to get visitors in return
  • SEO techniques that require knowledge to be effective
  • Use of the SEM where there is a commission based on the results that you want to reach.

When it comes to SEO we consider only a few angles of action for improve the positioning of the site in the different search engines, including, the the most popular, the search for the keywords most used by consumers.
To act on positioning, adopt a strategy based only on organic and keyword results is not enough to attract
more customers.
Also, this SEO is useful when it is used, in all its, facets, through a personalized strategy.

Why and how to use SEO for Hotels

The reason that leads to using SEO is quite obvious, having a higher position on search lists to ensure precedence over
the attention of visitors and even more obvious transformation into customers of the Same.
It is irrefutable that the potential of SEO can pave the way for the increase in visits and an increase in conversions.
As a first step, however, it is essential to identify which customer searches they do to find the accommodation facilities and all the functions they have; whether it is a business trip or a holiday in the highest season, or that must respond to the needs of location for meetings or events, this information must come into the possession of suppliers in order to
offer a service that gives them satisfaction.
The basis of keyword research allows you to identify a determined niche and to enter that specific market, this
Research, however, must be strengthened through a parallel creation of content that can give an answer to the question left uncovered and therefore that satisfies that request.
Working on information and content that gives the desired value is therefore the first way to have preference over competitors, inserting images that can improve the visitor’s experience and CTA to direct it to the funnel that the supplier defines.
Beyond the fruition of the same you can not underestimate the comparison that will be made by the visitor compared to the offers of other suppliers competitors; the action must lead the hotelier to develop in addition to a higher user experience, more competitive offers for lead the current visitor to play the role of consumer.
Attention to the above details (most frequent searches, keywords used, content relevant to the research and user experience of quality) are the fertile ground for SEO aimed at Hotels, and help the different search engines to improve the positioning of the site.
These adopt in fact three metrics to make them rise in the first lines of the Lists:

  1. CTR percentage. The actions identified on SEO have the objective primary to encourage the entry of readers on the site, therefore more clicks the Hotel will receive from the users and better will be in the eyes of the algorithm the click through rate and as a consequence the upward thrust that the site will get from search engines.
  2. Page loading speed , synonymous with quality and care of the same.
  3. Content with value and that is inherent in the research carried out.
    As has been identified previously, the results in organic and SEO are techniques that do not involve commissions to be used, not so far from the latter exposed there is the SEM

How to use SEM for Hotels

The SEM represents another strategy that projects on the front page the accommodation facilities by paying a commission for Suppliers.
It is however good to specify that all the maneuvers applied for SEO, previously exposed, have an interest in being adopted also when a MARKETING strategy based on SEM is studied for improve its effectiveness.
The commission that is placed for this technique comes from taking advantage of a position, made available by the search engine, which, on the basis of the latter can be located on the side of the page.
Given the amount allocated, the supplier may have more or less visibility compared to its competitors, for this reason it must be defined a marketing strategy able to support one or more, paying for the addition of other ads, niche needs of the different Customers.
With the same logic of SEO, a marketing plan designed in the direction SEM has as its first objective to identify the keywords relevant that users adopt to search the different engines of search, these once selected will be used to enter to make part of the market circle to which they belong.
It is therefore essential to develop a more vertical offer in a way that to be as specific and competitive as possible, and consequently
increase the return on investment following the adoption of the SEM as your own marketing strategy.
SEO is particularly similar to have a positive impact for Hotels, therefore obtaining sought-after visibility also by implementing the basic techniques mentioned.
The SEM allows to obtain results on the notoriety of the accommodation facility faster than SEO in the face of an investment that if poorly managed can lead to an increase in the costs of commissioning your web page.

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